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Let’s Dream for Respected & Expected India

  • Admin_TaDo
  • January 2, 2022

The land of growing possibilities – India is standing on the brink of becoming a global leader. The world has numerous expectations from Indians, and the nation is rapidly fulfilling them. Expected India will soon become the Golden Bird it was before the British Invasion.

For a long time, the nation had the tag of undeveloped country. However, it’s recovering from the status with wide-angle development across verticals. Although we have achieved many feats, we need to speed up the construction process to keep up with the race.

It’s high time for India to look beyond caste and religious discrimination as the upcoming ten years are crucial for the entire nation.

Now, every citizen should focus on repairing India’s image, transitioning it to becoming a respected India. They need to address the following issues to bridge the gap of becoming a Global Capital.

Widening the Roads to Success!
India is soon to become a superpower. What if the roads to success are narrowed and congestion-building? Indians cannot speed up and achieve their goals due to an unavoidable deviation from their motives.

First things first! We need to widen our roads and more lanes to contain traffic jams and enable every citizen to reach their destination quickly.

Planned Cities Goes Long Way
Success cannot develop within a chaotic city. Taking a closer glimpse at the history of developed countries, we realize that the foundation of such prosperous nations lies in well-planned towns.

We need efficient resource allocation, the ability to stay connected with each other at all times, and future-ready locations to manifest success for India.

Becoming Self Sufficient for Food Grain Production
Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry” – Norman Borlaug.

A country with hungry citizens cannot think of success clear-mindedly. So, satiating their hunger and producing surplus food grains is essential to building a growing economy. Despite the Indian Green Revolution, many families strive hard to collect their daily bread. Consequently, they cannot focus on pushing the nation towards massive success.

It will be best to focus on growing sufficient food grains on our land. We will be able to feed every Indian and ensure prosperity.

Seeding Patriotism Among Citizens
Patriotism is an integral part of developed countries. We need to kindle die-hard patriotism among Indians and help them dream of India soaring heights of success.

India is marching on the path to becoming a respected nation. It’s our crucial period, and we need to dodge the challenges, stay united, and do whatever we can to bring multifold success to the nation.

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