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Start Working for Healthy and Active Body As You Grow, Stop Counting your Age


At the age of 40 or 50, having a young mind is excellent, but your body may not be in the best shape. Aging makes it harder to stay fit, lose weight, be active, and remain in good condition.

Aging is gradual, and therefore the changes are challenging to identify. They all seem to catch up when you meet a friend after many years and find that they look just the same as in college days, and you have added too many inches and pounds.

Effects of aging

In people, who have undergone treatment for severe illnesses, aging can show earlier. People, who avoided significant health issues, a sagging belly, increased breathlessness, and a general feeling of tiredness are slow and gradual, but eventually, they add up.

Aging can bring the following adverse changes:

  1. Weak metabolism, reduced flexibility of joints, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.
  2. Muscle loss after thirty resulting in weakness, loss of motor control, and fractures.
  3. Breathlessness, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and brain strokes.
  4. A decline in libido and vigor.
  5. Weaker nervous system, slower reflexes, poor hand-eye coordination, and memory lapses.

Guard yourself against aging

With daily activity, you can age with grace. Having an active body, good health, and a sound mind will help you lead an excellent quality of life.

  1. Sports and endurance training can significantly improve your metabolism, muscle strength, mood, and hormonal secretion. It can control your blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and weight issues.
  2. Healthy food with less fat and bad-cholesterol, and more fiber, proteins, and good-cholesterols, can help manage weight, increase muscle mass, relieve the heart’s burden, and assistfor digestion.
  3. Stress management can help in the secretion of happy hormones, better functioning of the heart, and a stress-free mind.

Benefits of an active body:

  • Helps you quit tobacco and smoking
  • Energize you for the day
  • Easily manage stress
  • Better social life
  • Release of healthy hormones and a cheerful outlook
  • Better and sound sleep
  • enhances self-confidence

Final Words

The clock will tick no matter what we think or believe, and with each walk or Yoga session, you can make the coming years more active and livelier. A healthy family member is an asset for the family, as people with illness tend to increase their psychological, physical, and financial burdens. If you want to avoid lengthy and frequent visits to a hospital’s emergency room and inflate medical bills, it is also financially prudent to keep fit.

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