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Women – Men Thing to Respect…!

  • Admin_TaDo
  • January 9, 2022

The ancient history has several brutal incidents where men tortured and disrespected women. Although humanity has walked miles over such a shameful past, situations don’t seem to improve much. Even now, women face humiliation and disrespect in all dimensions from inequality to materialism.

Different countries have passed various laws to make the world a better place for women. However, it’s criminalizing disrespecting women cannot teach men how to respect the opposite gender.

Every family should inculcate such values among male children once they grow up to understand that women deserve to be respected. They contribute so much to society and we should bow our heads to them

They raise new lives within their bodies
All of us begin our lives from women – our mothers. They reared us for nine months inside their bodies before we breathed for the first time on the planet. Women are built strong. They bear immense pain, discomfort, and uneasiness to raise a child in her womb. So, they deserve all our respect and it’s our duty to teach the value of females to the sons from their childhood.

They have already suffered too much
Society has tortured women for ages. They have been objectified and sexualized in a highly disrespectful manner by all men worldwide. It’s time for us to give it all to our women and bring justice to their selfless contribution towards our benefits.

The modern world must behave like one
Long ago, when revolutionists imagined a modern planet, gender equality was a mainframe concept. Now that the imaginary planet has become a reality, we need to behave like new-age inhabitants. And respecting women is a significant part of today.

Their opinions were suppressed
What can be worse than someone suppressing your opinions and denying their value? Women have been facing it for an eternity. That doesn’t mean to pity them. However, it’s high time that we understand how revolutionary a woman’s opinions can be for a community.

Here’s something that men can do to show respect to women:

Let the women speak. Interfering when they talk is highly disrespectful.
Accept their opinions and believe that women are equally capable of making crucial decisions.
Stop mansplaining. It happens when men explain to women regarding their expertise considering them to be inefficient.
Men should learn to accept women having more education or working at a better job position.

Small changes matter. As men, we can bring the above changes in our attitude to show more respect to our empowered women.

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