Real Estate and My Views

As a keen observer and close follower of real estate market for more than a decade, I opine that India has shown remarkable resilience and growth over the past two years. I could see varied factors that helped in the growth of the market. Even though hit by significant fluctuations including the COVID-19 pandemic, interest rate changes, and economic uncertainty, the real estate industry could sustain and adapt seamlessly.

In the current year, I see that the rise in the property rates and stable interest rates have created a favorable environment for the real estate industry. Along with this, I am happy that introducing the Government initiatives in the residential sector made home ownership accessible for a larger population. These initiatives turned out to be interesting resulting in the interest surge in both affordable and mid-premium housing. The commercial sector has also experienced substantial growth with the rise of co-working spaces and hybrid work models. Similar patterns of growth are observed in the Industrial and Logistics, Retail and Hospitality real estate.

As part of my vision for the next 20 years:

  1. Keeping in mind the rapid population growth, I look forward to being part of the urbanization and smart cities idea of the real sector.
  2. Sustainability and green buildings are another major segment of real estate, wherein I look forward to actively investing my ideas in developing multiple eco-friendly projects. I also look forward to having most of my projects to majorly have sustainability as one of its development pillars.
  3. Technology has by far revolutionized the real estate industry. As a continuous learner, I would like to adapt to the concepts of AI predictive analysis, Blockchain concepts, and other advanced ideas in building smart and safer homes.
  4. The upward trajectory and economic conditions, there is a larger demand for luxurious living spaces, giving me a chance to explore innovative avenues of industry.

A firm believer of accessible projects and great accomplishments when one does the following:

  1. Picking the right projects must be emphasized as a project encompasses the right location, accommodating neighborhoods, connectivity, growth of the place, and many other factors yield a good project. And this in turn helps in garnering good customers/buyers.
  2. It is crucial to build a good real estate team for navigating successful real estate projects. The team should understand the complexities of the market, current trends, and other factors to maximize the investment.
  3. One of the key performance indicators for collectively creating successful real estate projects is Quality. These quality checks can be performed during the location, design, material used for the projects, and while performing many other elements of construction.
  4. Transparency is another core value I thoroughly adhere to while crafting my real estate projects. Customers, staff, and everyone involved in the project are provided with the visibility of the progress of the project.

As I conclude, I would like to accentuate that any individual can be called successful when he/she is adaptable, approachable, and aces in their industry understanding.

Must Know Super Agers’ Healthy Habit Secrets for Longevity in the World’s Blue Zones

Everyone must agree that good health is priceless. However, there is no one correct answer regarding how to live a healthy life. A balanced and nutritious diet helps to maintain good health.

Many people talk about healthy lifestyles, but few follow the rules. Healthy living includes sobriety, prudential living, and mental and physical wellness. A healthy lifestyle requires physical and mental fitness. No financial status or location matters. Instead, it’s the desire to live well with certain basic practices.

Modern life is more competitive and busier than in the past. It does not mean we should ignore our health. We only have one life, so simple guidelines like eating well, exercising, and maintaining personal hygiene may make a big difference.

Did you know that there are some affordable ways to extend your life? Bestselling author Dan Buettner, who studied Blue Zones, where people live to be over 100, has found great evidence-based methods to keep the bank intact. Buettner’s new book and Netflix docuseries examines factors contributing to the world’s longest-living, healthiest populations in Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, and even the U.S.

Superagers are elderly adults with cognitive capacities comparable to those of younger people. They regularly advise on diet, exercise, and socializing. Simple, healthy routines help keep SuperAgers alive.

Being balanced is key!

According to Emily Rogalski, a fantastic expert in the field, we discovered that SuperAgers are unique. Unlike most elderly people, they don’t experience the usual decline in health. Instead, they can maintain a good balance between their lifespans and healthspan, allowing them to live well and enjoy their golden years.

Scientists set out to determine what sets SuperAgers apart from otherwise healthy adults of a similar age and how they achieve such a delicate balance.

#1: Herbal tea provides life-extending nutrients

Having a longevity-boosting drink has been around for a while. Still, most health news focuses on fashionable ingredients like matcha, costly organic blends, or coffee. Black, green, and coffee are healthy, but herbal teas are too.

Buettner discovered that SuperAgers in Ikaria, Greece, prefer herbal tea from simple herbs like sage, rosemary, and common mallow. According to Penn Medicine, the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory chemicals, and other micronutrients found in the plants used to make herbal teas can aid digestion, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Many herbs can be grown in a small backyard, a community garden, or inside pots to make tea.

#2: Beans: An Inexpensive and Quickly Available Superfood

Instead of keto, Blue Zone residents thrive on carbs like healthy grains and sweet potatoes.
Buettner told Insider that beans are a superfood since they are a readily available food with many nutrients.

Their fibre content provides healthy digestion, steady blood sugar, and colon cancer prevention.

Mediterranean diets in Greece and Italy include beans in minestrone soup and chickpea salad.

Costa Ricans eat beans, corn, and squash, known as the “three sisters,” to provide a complete protein supply with all the essential amino acids.

#3: Stay in Shape

Brain health also depends on activity as you age. Art Kramer, a Northeastern University neuroscience and psychology professor, says exercise creates new neuronal synapses. He claims cardiovascular exercise like walking and riding improves memory, problem-solving skills, and dementia risk.

According to Kramer and colleagues, aerobic walkers increased the amount of their hippocampus, which is involved in memory, while toning and stretching exercisers had normal age-related reductions.

Starting exercise is the hardest for many. “You can’t tell a professional couch potato to start doing triathlons,” Kramer admits. His advice is to start with something you like. “You can walk, bike, go to the gym, or play a sport,” he explains. “Just do something, and lots of good things can happen.”

#4: Spend Time With Loved Ones to Live Longer

According to research, building relationships can improve your health and well-being without costing anything. Some studies link loneliness to smoking, which can shorten your life by over 15 years.

In contrast, Buettner suggests maintaining revealing friendships, familial ties, and romantic partnerships to avoid lost time.

People in Blue Zones, like Okinawa, prioritize building social circles for community activities, including talking, singing, dancing, and even financial support.

“No pill, supplement, or blockbuster drug can give us 15 years,” Buettner added. “But in Okinawa, they’re getting those years by finding friends, committing to them, and spending time with them daily.”

Your social life is more potent than money at extending your lifespan.

#5: Ensure Plenty of Sleep

My concept of a healthy lifestyle includes getting enough sleep, which may seem counterintuitive to others. You need to get enough shut-eye to function correctly during the day. A good night’s sleep is crucial since it allows people to wake up feeling refreshed, perform better the next day, and enjoy life more. Getting a good night’s rest is vital because it enables people to recharge their batteries and return to work refreshed, ready to take on any challenges.

#6: Keep Perspective

Your attitude matters, right? It’s tempting to dismiss health difficulties as genetic and out of your control. Dr. Perls says daily choices can significantly affect your lifespan. The average U.S. life expectancy is 79, but he argues it can be longer. “I think lifestyle behaviors are the main reason people live to be 90. He claims it is a very positive perspective of ageing, but it’s conceivable. Knowing that your everyday choices can add almost a dozen good, sharp years to your life can help you form habits that will last into your golden years.

Finding Support

You can get the help you need to stay healthy in many ways. The first step is to find a good general practitioner (GP) with whom you feel safe talking about your health. If you always see the same doctor, you can work together to care for your health and set up checkups as needed.

Having a “support person” can make all the difference in developing healthy habits. Talk to your friends, family, a program for mental health, or a case worker. Remember that you can also use other services in your area.

How Can I Know More Information?

Regular interaction with an expert helps you keep momentum and achieve excellent results when mentorship ends. Health mentorship becomes one of the best approaches to achieving long-term self-sufficiency.

How to Deal with Things in Pressure or Drive in the Right Direction?

In today’s world, pressure is our constant companion. While we were kids, our lives were easy and happy. However, as we molded into adulthood, life became more complicated due to pressure. If you take a step back and overview your life, you will realize that a consistent low-grade pressure always suppresses us. And we have mostly befriended it in our lives.

However, things might turn really challenging when sudden high-grade pressure enters our lives. As we are mostly familiar with mild stress, extreme pressure often leads to unpleasant consequences. One of such outcomes can be wrong or impulsive decisions.

People have a tendency of getting nervous when subjected to immense pressure. They wish to get rid of such unusual circumstances as soon as possible, and lose control of their mind when stressed. In science, it’s referred to as adrenaline rush. As the name suggests, people rush into bad decisions without considering the pros and cons. And deviating from the right track often comes with heavy penalties.

So, how do you deal with pressure while staying on the correct path? It’s simple! You need to consider a few things to ensure that you never make bad decisions under pressure.

First things first! When under pressure, people often feel disconnected from their conscience. Consequently, they cannot think of the correct direction or often oppose the laws of nature. So, you must keep calm and practice deep breathing under pressure. It will ensure that you can listen to your inner soul during difficult times.

Once your body turns normal, it’s time to take a step back and view the larger picture. It’s best to accept that everything happens for a reason over which you have no control. Talk to your conscience and think of the ideal steps that nature teaches you to get out of similar situations. And believe me, you will find the right way out of such circumstances in some time.

Pressure is a common thing in everyone’s life. However, the way you deal with such circumstances distinguish you from others. One who always maintains their calm during storms and listens to their conscience will never deviate from the right track defined by nature. So, do not panic and talk to your inner soul to find the way out when immense pressure takes over your life.

Simple to Laugh..! From Srimad Bhagvatam..!

“”The citizens will suffer greatly from the cold, wind, heat, rain, and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, diseases, and severe anxiety” – Srimad Bhagvatam 12.2.10″”

When the Lord himself describes Kalyug, the description isn’t calming. Rather, it is quite intimidating. And when you look around, you will find these entities to be largely prevalent in today’s world. Consequently, almost everyone is sorrowful without having many reasons to smile. But have you ever wondered what is the reality of so much sadness? Is it just because we are living in Kalyug? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, the sole reason for everyone’s misery is a strong attachment to everything that causes stress, anger, and hatred. People often keep recalling incidents that make them sad or angry for days. What’s the result of carrying so much baggage? Your heart starts feeling heavy, leaving no room for happiness, smile, and laughter.

Instead of clinging onto things that agitate you, it’s always better to forgive and forget for the sake of one’s own mental peace. Thus, the saying goes like, “Accept what is. Let go of what was. Believe in what will be.” One must always let go of grudges to feel even the smallest things that could bring a smile on your face.

It brings us to another primary reason behind people’s sorrow. High expectations! We expect numerous things from ourselves, others, and society. When we fail to experience what we wanted, it hurts us. So, the key to happiness is keeping low expectations towards life and feeling satisfied with whatever you possess.

Even a bird chirping, kids playing, sunrise, and dusk can make us feel happy. After all, life is full of pleasant things requiring our attention. One needs to identify the smallest reasons to smile and make others laugh every day.

Final words
Laughing is not at all difficult. We make things appear sadder than in reality. People expect too much and carry useless things to heart. Ultimately, we start feeling negative and sadness takes over.

So, the moral of the story is that we should keep all worries at bay before going to bed, and learn to enjoy every minute pleasures in the journey called life.

My Spiritual Talk

What do we see around everyday? Chaos, pressure, stress, anxiety, and anger. Apart from constraining our environment, these entities leave a casting spell on our mind and body.

And the worst part is that we are learning to live with constant low-grade stress and tension. Since we are deep-down into our daily activities and leave no room to practice self-consciousness, we forget that the temple inside us in the form of soul feels suffocated.

Similarly, there can be a gamut of reasons your mind feels uprooted and start talking to you. And if you listen carefully, it’s a calling for a spiritual journey.

I, too, experienced a strong calling for a spiritual journey when a mix of emotions started overpowering me. So, I went on a spiritual tour to get answers to some of my unanswered questions about life. I’m in Hanuman Diksha till November, trying to reroute my mind and awaken my spirituality.

Since the day I made up my mind for Hanuman Diksha, I started feeling calmer, relaxed, and capable of absorbing everything that He bestows on me. I could better control my emotions and feel more detached from materialistic attractions.

One of the many purposes of my spiritual awakening is to become capable of turning off my stray thoughts and keeping my mind focused. And I’m highly sure that this voyage would help me practice these aspects in my life. This journey is bringing me closer to God and conscience. It’s a strange experience that no words could describe.

We all move on a spiritual journey a little differently. The perfect age, time, and roadmap for embarking such a tour varies from one person to the other. This was the right moment for me to attend to my callings and devote a few months of my life connecting with the supreme being.

Since the onset of my journey, I am constantly experiencing my transformation into a more controlled, focused, and intellectual being. I want these learnings to last a lifetime with me. I hope that this tour will give all answers to my questions, and I will return as a better person inside out.

Habits that are suffocating modern businesses…!

As technology arises and refers to changes in the business, such as velocity and structural changes in the environment, many policies and practices remain constant. We have mental models woven into our minds and corporate cultures that have not been kept in place with modern times when the economy begins.

Many of the practices lead to barriers and become symbols of heritage. It is not possible to list every habit, some major you can go through.

Counting on office attendance

Work is a fun place, not a pressure to hold on to everyone. In virtual space, working from anywhere is advantageous; that is what a new trend lies on. Allowing employees to work from anywhere provides more convenience and creates more opportunities by enhancing their skills from different places and in a positive environment.

But, leaders and some businesses have a mindset of presenting in the office, and working in space brings more productivity and fruitfulness to the business. But the time has changed to bring on results, not from where they plan to work. Some businesses have to present, but for some, the norms have changed.

Annual appraisal functions

Annual reviews are outdated and are no more effective in class. Rather than waiting for one year to host the function, hosting quarterly is best. Businesses are moving faster, and so are the responses. Review sessions should be taken constantly to give employees a glimpse of their work performance.

Performance management must be supple and adapt to the business reality and velocity.

Standardizing from wearing formal dress code

The time has gone when implementing formal attire such as a suit, skirt, and tie was necessary. As this is the 21st century, professional-looking casual dress should be accepted. But for meetings, formal dress is a must as it shows decency.

Allowing people to enter with casual and comfortable clothing helps to develop a free and positive environment. So it’s now time to think and change the economy.

Adapting the face of change and risk

Over time, business ideas and presentations also need to change. In the era of digital technology, the market dynamics depend upon the opposite thought through innovations.

Taking excessive control over the business also leads to risk and inhibits innovations. To sustain the business, one must understand current needs and customer understanding of the context of risks.

Input based culture

Management in large companies used to be about agreements and consensus. Getting everyone’s input does not mean building consensus. Give peace to business, and match the pace of the business. It is a time of spiritual discussion, swift decisions, and execution.


Command and control leadership was once effective, but time has changed. Working in groups and bringing collaborative solutions is effective where knowledge is given power.

It requires responsibility among the team members in setting goals and coordinating pieces of stuff with minimal conflicts and confusion.

Summarizing thoughts

We are undergoing a tremendous shift in the workplace, workforce demographics, and business velocity. Most practices designed from industrial time may not hold, but self-constructed models may have untrue connections with attendance, professionalism, and results. It’s time to change stuff.

3 Things that will change the future of sustainability.

In the simplest terms, sustainability can be defined as developing without harming the resources to transfer them to future generations while using today’s resources. It is to continue to exist today without using the future. Economic growth leads to waste generation and increased consumption, which has a devastating impact on the environment.

In this article, we will talk about three things that will change the future of sustainability that one should know.

Buying from sustainable brands

Sustainable fashion is the new future, as it has already become a go-to choice among the tiny fragment of people who deeply understand its meaning and impact. We’re sure this will take some time, but sooner or later, we all have to know that the vast majority of fashion is not sustainable, and our resources on this planet are finite.

If we are concerned about this beautiful planet, we need to think out of the box and leave the comfort zone of readily available clothes in the market as there are few brands producing sustainable fashion; finding them can be a hefty task too.

The more deeply we understand the importance of our limited resources on our mother earth, the easier it will be to come up with an excellent sustainable brand, and also we, as a customer, would be able to buy and wear clothes which can have a positive impact on our environment too.

Support green initiatives

For example, we can take here switching to electric cars.

The environmental benefits of a transition to electric vehicles would be enormous. Emissions from road transportation account for roughly 20% of greenhouse gases. It’s probably the easiest part of the puzzle. Aviation and shipping will be more challenging, along with agriculture. Electricity generation differs wildly from country to country.

The economic benefits of EV ownership for private individuals in terms of significantly reduced running costs (energy and maintenance) will be considered in developed nations. These benefits are further enhanced by home solar and batteries.

The geopolitical benefits of dodgy petro-states no longer holding the rest of the world hostage would be fantastic.

Recycle more

Recycling refers to collecting and recycling used materials, generally considered “waste”. The materials are sorted and recycled in this process to be used as “raw materials” for producing new products. Recycling plays a crucial role in modern waste management and waste spills.

Importance of recycling:

Reduces energy waste: It is more energy efficient to use recycled products rather than producing new goods.
Saves Natural Resources: E-Waste Recycling aids the environment by reducing the energy required to create new goods, diverting waste from landfills, and efficiently utilizing goods and products for their entire lifespan.
Reduces the need for clearance: When you recycle the products you use, you will ultimately reduce the need to clear out items you do not need. That is why recycling in the form of donating or selling so that other people can use some of your belongings are two good options for you to consider.

Last words

Sustainability is only possible if we are careful about the ecological boundaries of our planet. Our planet can’t sustain our way of living now. We are diminishing the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.

Caring for Natural Resources…!

“If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right” – M.S. Swaminathan.

Humans rely on natural resources for their day-to-day lives. However, unlike renewable resources like water and air, some are non-replenishable. Unfortunately, non-renewable natural resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate.

After ages of depleting them, we have no other alternative than to raise a proactive awareness among the masses and save them from extinction.

So, reducing our collective carbon footprint to fight climate change and preserve our natural resources will help us make the planet livable for our future generations. Luckily, we can transform the present scenario by massively considering the following measures:

Small Steps Matter!
Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh.

It can be a simple step like turning off your appliances when they are not in use. Turning off your lights, fans, and air conditioners when leaving the room is one of the most promising steps towards preserving our natural resources. Besides, you can switch to LED bulbs that consume less wattage and save sufficient electricity.

Also, you can stop your vehicle’s engine when waiting at the road signals. It will help everyone save enough fuel for our future generations to enjoy. Simple steps matter a lot, after all.

2. Choosing Reusability
“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production” – Pete Seeger.

As the quotation implies, it’s high time to refuse products that we cannot reuse. Producing new products consumes energy driven by natural resources.

Avoiding plastic bottles and bags and choosing glassware or cloth bags can be another way of conserving natural resources. Saying yes to reusable goods can be the best way to combat resource exhaustion.

3. Promoting Recycling
“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do” – Pam Shoemaker.

When it comes to saving our natural resources, recycling takes center stage. You can find every environmentalist speaking about recycling. Why so? It’s because we can reduce the carbon footprint and cut down energy consumption by recycling products.

4. Managing Energy Consumption
Reducing the heater temperature to two degrees during winters and raising the one for air conditioners by two degrees during summers can greatly relieve our non-renewable resources.

To sum up!
“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.

The initiative of saving natural resources should begin from your home. It means we must step forward to conserve them at the earliest. It’s never too late!

Women – Men Thing to Respect…!

The ancient history has several brutal incidents where men tortured and disrespected women. Although humanity has walked miles over such a shameful past, situations don’t seem to improve much. Even now, women face humiliation and disrespect in all dimensions from inequality to materialism.

Different countries have passed various laws to make the world a better place for women. However, it’s criminalizing disrespecting women cannot teach men how to respect the opposite gender.

Every family should inculcate such values among male children once they grow up to understand that women deserve to be respected. They contribute so much to society and we should bow our heads to them

They raise new lives within their bodies
All of us begin our lives from women – our mothers. They reared us for nine months inside their bodies before we breathed for the first time on the planet. Women are built strong. They bear immense pain, discomfort, and uneasiness to raise a child in her womb. So, they deserve all our respect and it’s our duty to teach the value of females to the sons from their childhood.

They have already suffered too much
Society has tortured women for ages. They have been objectified and sexualized in a highly disrespectful manner by all men worldwide. It’s time for us to give it all to our women and bring justice to their selfless contribution towards our benefits.

The modern world must behave like one
Long ago, when revolutionists imagined a modern planet, gender equality was a mainframe concept. Now that the imaginary planet has become a reality, we need to behave like new-age inhabitants. And respecting women is a significant part of today.

Their opinions were suppressed
What can be worse than someone suppressing your opinions and denying their value? Women have been facing it for an eternity. That doesn’t mean to pity them. However, it’s high time that we understand how revolutionary a woman’s opinions can be for a community.

Here’s something that men can do to show respect to women:

Let the women speak. Interfering when they talk is highly disrespectful.
Accept their opinions and believe that women are equally capable of making crucial decisions.
Stop mansplaining. It happens when men explain to women regarding their expertise considering them to be inefficient.
Men should learn to accept women having more education or working at a better job position.

Small changes matter. As men, we can bring the above changes in our attitude to show more respect to our empowered women.

Children for Good Communities…!

Rearing children is challenging, especially when parents want them to become the pillars of a good community. They need to become more responsible and teach the correct values to their children to help them foster a healthy environment wherever they go.

What can parents do to mold their children according to an excellent community? It’s simple! Staying with the children at every life phase and helping them become good citizens will make them ideal for futuristic healthy communities.

1. Give them learning beyond the classroom
Your children cannot build fascinating communities from academic education gained in a classroom. The learning should extend to your home through the parents.

So, holding your kid’s hands at every life phase will help them become highly responsible from a community perspective.

2. Create an environment for learning
Parents who stay with their children and support them throughout life help build a positive learning environment in a home. Their kids realize the importance of education and are eager to know more.

Thus, these kids help establish educated communities in the future. So, your consistency and support will yield significant returns for society in the long haul.

3. Social advantages
Parents who make bonds with their children and maintain a good rapport with other people can transfer communication and harmonizing skills to future generations.

Your kid would watch you behave properly with your neighbors. It helps your child build high-quality communities when they grow up.

4. What if parents do not stay with their children at all life phases?
The repercussions of parents leaving their children’s hands at an early stage can be extremely harmful to a community.

Your kids might become directionless or start walking on the wrong path if you leave them on their own. Thus, your kids might get completely deviated from the idea of developing healthy communities.

Here’s what can happen with your kids if you do not support them continuously.

Children become vulnerable to substance abuse
Kids becoming drug addicts and alcoholics are highly common in families of non-supportive parents. Understandably, such children cannot build excellent societies.

5. Detached from education
A child has a larger tendency of getting detached from education if his parents become non-supportive. They engage in unhealthy activities and might turn highly unmotivated.

6. Adolescent delinquency
Without responsible and supportive parents, no one would guide children against adolescent delinquency. The tender age would fall harsh on them, becoming unhealthy elements in a community.

Parenting is a responsible task. You ought to stay there with your children at all stages of their life to support the growth of a healthy, educated, and responsible community in the future.

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