How to Deal with Things in Pressure or Drive in the Right Direction?

In today’s world, pressure is our constant companion. While we were kids, our lives were easy and happy. However, as we molded into adulthood, life became more complicated due to pressure. If you take a step back and overview your life, you will realize that a consistent low-grade pressure always suppresses us. And we have mostly befriended it in our lives.

However, things might turn really challenging when sudden high-grade pressure enters our lives. As we are mostly familiar with mild stress, extreme pressure often leads to unpleasant consequences. One of such outcomes can be wrong or impulsive decisions.

People have a tendency of getting nervous when subjected to immense pressure. They wish to get rid of such unusual circumstances as soon as possible, and lose control of their mind when stressed. In science, it’s referred to as adrenaline rush. As the name suggests, people rush into bad decisions without considering the pros and cons. And deviating from the right track often comes with heavy penalties.

So, how do you deal with pressure while staying on the correct path? It’s simple! You need to consider a few things to ensure that you never make bad decisions under pressure.

First things first! When under pressure, people often feel disconnected from their conscience. Consequently, they cannot think of the correct direction or often oppose the laws of nature. So, you must keep calm and practice deep breathing under pressure. It will ensure that you can listen to your inner soul during difficult times.

Once your body turns normal, it’s time to take a step back and view the larger picture. It’s best to accept that everything happens for a reason over which you have no control. Talk to your conscience and think of the ideal steps that nature teaches you to get out of similar situations. And believe me, you will find the right way out of such circumstances in some time.

Pressure is a common thing in everyone’s life. However, the way you deal with such circumstances distinguish you from others. One who always maintains their calm during storms and listens to their conscience will never deviate from the right track defined by nature. So, do not panic and talk to your inner soul to find the way out when immense pressure takes over your life.

Simple to Laugh..! From Srimad Bhagvatam..!

“”The citizens will suffer greatly from the cold, wind, heat, rain, and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, diseases, and severe anxiety” – Srimad Bhagvatam 12.2.10″”

When the Lord himself describes Kalyug, the description isn’t calming. Rather, it is quite intimidating. And when you look around, you will find these entities to be largely prevalent in today’s world. Consequently, almost everyone is sorrowful without having many reasons to smile. But have you ever wondered what is the reality of so much sadness? Is it just because we are living in Kalyug? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, the sole reason for everyone’s misery is a strong attachment to everything that causes stress, anger, and hatred. People often keep recalling incidents that make them sad or angry for days. What’s the result of carrying so much baggage? Your heart starts feeling heavy, leaving no room for happiness, smile, and laughter.

Instead of clinging onto things that agitate you, it’s always better to forgive and forget for the sake of one’s own mental peace. Thus, the saying goes like, “Accept what is. Let go of what was. Believe in what will be.” One must always let go of grudges to feel even the smallest things that could bring a smile on your face.

It brings us to another primary reason behind people’s sorrow. High expectations! We expect numerous things from ourselves, others, and society. When we fail to experience what we wanted, it hurts us. So, the key to happiness is keeping low expectations towards life and feeling satisfied with whatever you possess.

Even a bird chirping, kids playing, sunrise, and dusk can make us feel happy. After all, life is full of pleasant things requiring our attention. One needs to identify the smallest reasons to smile and make others laugh every day.

Final words
Laughing is not at all difficult. We make things appear sadder than in reality. People expect too much and carry useless things to heart. Ultimately, we start feeling negative and sadness takes over.

So, the moral of the story is that we should keep all worries at bay before going to bed, and learn to enjoy every minute pleasures in the journey called life.

My Spiritual Talk

What do we see around everyday? Chaos, pressure, stress, anxiety, and anger. Apart from constraining our environment, these entities leave a casting spell on our mind and body.

And the worst part is that we are learning to live with constant low-grade stress and tension. Since we are deep-down into our daily activities and leave no room to practice self-consciousness, we forget that the temple inside us in the form of soul feels suffocated.

Similarly, there can be a gamut of reasons your mind feels uprooted and start talking to you. And if you listen carefully, it’s a calling for a spiritual journey.

I, too, experienced a strong calling for a spiritual journey when a mix of emotions started overpowering me. So, I went on a spiritual tour to get answers to some of my unanswered questions about life. I’m in Hanuman Diksha till November, trying to reroute my mind and awaken my spirituality.

Since the day I made up my mind for Hanuman Diksha, I started feeling calmer, relaxed, and capable of absorbing everything that He bestows on me. I could better control my emotions and feel more detached from materialistic attractions.

One of the many purposes of my spiritual awakening is to become capable of turning off my stray thoughts and keeping my mind focused. And I’m highly sure that this voyage would help me practice these aspects in my life. This journey is bringing me closer to God and conscience. It’s a strange experience that no words could describe.

We all move on a spiritual journey a little differently. The perfect age, time, and roadmap for embarking such a tour varies from one person to the other. This was the right moment for me to attend to my callings and devote a few months of my life connecting with the supreme being.

Since the onset of my journey, I am constantly experiencing my transformation into a more controlled, focused, and intellectual being. I want these learnings to last a lifetime with me. I hope that this tour will give all answers to my questions, and I will return as a better person inside out.

Women – Men Thing to Respect…!

The ancient history has several brutal incidents where men tortured and disrespected women. Although humanity has walked miles over such a shameful past, situations don’t seem to improve much. Even now, women face humiliation and disrespect in all dimensions from inequality to materialism.

Different countries have passed various laws to make the world a better place for women. However, it’s criminalizing disrespecting women cannot teach men how to respect the opposite gender.

Every family should inculcate such values among male children once they grow up to understand that women deserve to be respected. They contribute so much to society and we should bow our heads to them

They raise new lives within their bodies
All of us begin our lives from women – our mothers. They reared us for nine months inside their bodies before we breathed for the first time on the planet. Women are built strong. They bear immense pain, discomfort, and uneasiness to raise a child in her womb. So, they deserve all our respect and it’s our duty to teach the value of females to the sons from their childhood.

They have already suffered too much
Society has tortured women for ages. They have been objectified and sexualized in a highly disrespectful manner by all men worldwide. It’s time for us to give it all to our women and bring justice to their selfless contribution towards our benefits.

The modern world must behave like one
Long ago, when revolutionists imagined a modern planet, gender equality was a mainframe concept. Now that the imaginary planet has become a reality, we need to behave like new-age inhabitants. And respecting women is a significant part of today.

Their opinions were suppressed
What can be worse than someone suppressing your opinions and denying their value? Women have been facing it for an eternity. That doesn’t mean to pity them. However, it’s high time that we understand how revolutionary a woman’s opinions can be for a community.

Here’s something that men can do to show respect to women:

Let the women speak. Interfering when they talk is highly disrespectful.
Accept their opinions and believe that women are equally capable of making crucial decisions.
Stop mansplaining. It happens when men explain to women regarding their expertise considering them to be inefficient.
Men should learn to accept women having more education or working at a better job position.

Small changes matter. As men, we can bring the above changes in our attitude to show more respect to our empowered women.

Children for Good Communities…!

Rearing children is challenging, especially when parents want them to become the pillars of a good community. They need to become more responsible and teach the correct values to their children to help them foster a healthy environment wherever they go.

What can parents do to mold their children according to an excellent community? It’s simple! Staying with the children at every life phase and helping them become good citizens will make them ideal for futuristic healthy communities.

1. Give them learning beyond the classroom
Your children cannot build fascinating communities from academic education gained in a classroom. The learning should extend to your home through the parents.

So, holding your kid’s hands at every life phase will help them become highly responsible from a community perspective.

2. Create an environment for learning
Parents who stay with their children and support them throughout life help build a positive learning environment in a home. Their kids realize the importance of education and are eager to know more.

Thus, these kids help establish educated communities in the future. So, your consistency and support will yield significant returns for society in the long haul.

3. Social advantages
Parents who make bonds with their children and maintain a good rapport with other people can transfer communication and harmonizing skills to future generations.

Your kid would watch you behave properly with your neighbors. It helps your child build high-quality communities when they grow up.

4. What if parents do not stay with their children at all life phases?
The repercussions of parents leaving their children’s hands at an early stage can be extremely harmful to a community.

Your kids might become directionless or start walking on the wrong path if you leave them on their own. Thus, your kids might get completely deviated from the idea of developing healthy communities.

Here’s what can happen with your kids if you do not support them continuously.

Children become vulnerable to substance abuse
Kids becoming drug addicts and alcoholics are highly common in families of non-supportive parents. Understandably, such children cannot build excellent societies.

5. Detached from education
A child has a larger tendency of getting detached from education if his parents become non-supportive. They engage in unhealthy activities and might turn highly unmotivated.

6. Adolescent delinquency
Without responsible and supportive parents, no one would guide children against adolescent delinquency. The tender age would fall harsh on them, becoming unhealthy elements in a community.

Parenting is a responsible task. You ought to stay there with your children at all stages of their life to support the growth of a healthy, educated, and responsible community in the future.

Are We Responsible..?

A citizen of a country is recognized as one of the dominant pillars of the nation. They are allowed to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by the state to the people. Also, they need to abide by the laws and attain their duties as called upon.

The question that arises,

“Are you a responsible parent? Are you giving our country a responsible citizen?”

Every citizen, including parents, has a responsibility to make their community a decent place to inhabit. When you are a responsible citizen, you know your responsibilities and take necessary actions whenever required.

Being a parent of a young kid, you may encounter several issues where you need to take necessary actions. These actions will lead you to be a responsible citizen and train your young child to remain accountable.

What are the burning issues faced by Youth today?

Excessive usage of social media

Firstly, you need to walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology. Being a parent, you need to know how social media works.

Secondly, you are not setting a good example for our young children if you use social media excessively.

Lastly, being a parent, you must ensure that your child is not deprived of knowing/learning new technology. But, you need to ensure that its excessive exposure is also problematic. Hence, drive your child in the right direction whenever required.

Consumption of drugs

We have been lately listening to enormous news regarding drugs usage. One of the possible reasons why your kids are entering into drug consumption is their social circle. No doubt your kids require friends in their lives, but you need to ensure that their friends come from a decent family background with no such addictions.

Whenever we ask any young kid why they started smoking or drinking, most of the time, it is family distancing. Being a parent, it is your moral responsibility to spend some time with your young kid. This support will boost their positive thoughts, and they will never end up smoking or drinking in their lives.

These are the top 3 burning issues youngsters face, and their parents must create a plan to help their children.

Final Thoughts

If you being a parent, face the same issues, you are not setting an excellent example for your child. As rightly said by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Additionally, your child must never be deprived of motivation to come out strongly and face these burning issues. On top of it, if they are out of these issues, you can teach them how to become good citizens of the country.

And yes, you can then call yourself a responsible citizen of our country.

Tarak Doddala

Farming a divine thing. Save Food..! Support Farmers..!

Do you still remember our school prayers? Have you ever thought about why we were taught this as a child?

The human tendency of asking for more and more throughout life is primordial. But did you ever ponder over the bare necessity without which we cannot survive? Well, it’s our meal that keeps us going in all circumstances. We struggle and make efforts to win our daily bread and satiate our appetite.

Long ago, I realized our quintessential necessity and inculcated immense respect for harvest and cultivation. I feel rejoiced in spending days in my native place and feeling the pious aroma of the fertile soil. The serene greenery is forever close to my soul, and I feel an irresistible urge to spend the rest of my life cultivating crops and contributing to feeding the masses as a responsibility.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness among people regarding harvest and the need to save food upsets me to the core. Watching people dumping meals and disrespecting the grains is something that our culture didn’t teach us. Coming from a farming background and nature admirer, I feel the calling to spread awareness regarding the importance of crops and save food for thousands of hungry and helpless souls in our nation.

Our nation is a green economy and relies on agriculture and farming. Here is a glimpse of how cultivation looks like for us.

Cultivation – What’s the Need?
Cultivation is an essential component of our national economy. But why do we need to cultivate? Or, more precisely, why agriculture holds a center stage in our lives? Here are the primary reasons making cultivation an essential part of our context.

Mode of Substantial Income
Agriculture is one of the most prominent modes of income for many people. They grow crops as a source of livelihood and win their daily bread through the margins obtained. Indeed, cultivation is an asset to the economically weaker and stronger farmers.

Source of Meal and Fodder
Cultivation determines the fate of citizens in a country. Besides feeding humans, it generates enough fodder to satiate the hunger of animals.

Contribution to Economy
Apart from feeding the living beings in a nation, cultivation and agriculture contribute to the economy. The agriculture-driven countries generate huge margins to propel the GDP to skyrocketing heights.

What is the Need to Save Food?
We always listen to everyone pleading to save food and avoid wasting it, don’t we? But why should we save food? What’s the importance of respecting our meals?

Here are some of the must-know reasons:

People Sleep with Empty Stomachs
Indeed, you are blessed to have surplus meals to satiate the hunger of your family. Let’s face it that numerous souls do not get enough food for days. The inflated food prices due to immense waste of food limit them from purchasing meals. So, we need to stop wasting food and save it for numerous helpless and hungry beings.

Environment and Climate Variations
The food we waste generates carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases, depleting the non-consumed food sources in the environment. Yet another reason to save food is saving the climate from destruction.

Value of Harvest – What is It?
Saving food and cultivating crops are essential for all of us. Thanks to farmers who grow crops and produce harvest to generate revenues and feed the nation. However, a farmer does not gain 100% returns on their investment. After removing the damaged crops, the leftover harvest determines the final income earned by a farmer. This is called the value of harvest, an essential factor in agriculture.

What are the Marketing Difficulties of Farm Produce?
Marketing crops is the leading problem that farmers face after making huge investments. So, what are the difficulties faced by farmers when marketing their produce? Here are the most common issues.

Farmers Do Not Fix Price
Although farmers produce crops, they do not determine their price. Unfortunately, such a factor might not bring justice to the farmers every time. So, this can be one of the top factors affecting product marketing.

Immense Competition in the Market
The market has numerous farmers, big and small. Consequently, the business competition is higher, and farmers might get swayed by inflation at times. So, yet another factor that hinders favorable marketing outcomes is the cut-throat competition in the agricultural industry.

Agriculture and harvesting lie at our foundation. We cannot overlook the impacts they cause and require propelling the nation for agricultural comfort.

Respect Farmers..!

-Tarak Doddala

Setting Life Goals

Goal-setting is an utter necessity for people who wish to succeed, to discover their real meaning, and to generate joy in their lives. When you realize your life’s mission, you will decide your vision and turn your dreams into achievable goals. Once you have set targets, the execution of them would ensure assured outcomes.

Scientists now realize that we must first determine what we wish for in our minds to find out how to achieve what we want. Experts on goal-setting and achievement realize our brain is a goal-searching machine. No matter what you call your goals, they need to be precise and measurable. One of the best methods of goal-setting is setting SMART Goals. Ensure that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bounded.


S- Specific

Your goal should be correct, informative, and capable of answering questions instead of generating more.


M- Measurable

Goals should include dates, correct financial figures, and sums.


A- Attainable

You should be able to do this under the constraints of time, resources, the environment, skills and abilities, and other essential factors. I suggest that you set a few targets for yourself that I call “breakthrough targets” or a target that will drive you to accomplish.


R- Realistic

The goals should be in line with your life vision. Keep your dreams following your real objective. Don’t waste time on impossible goals.


T- Time-Bounded

Always set specific timelines for the completion of your goal. Creating a target deadline for completion provides transparency and gives you more incentive.


Now that you know how your goals should be, understanding how to set them is essential.


Set motivating goals:  Motivation is the secret to meeting the targets. When you set targets for yourself, they must inspire you: make sure they are essential to you and have meaning in meeting them.


Write your goals: Constructively frame your target statement. Repeat your set goals to yourself throughout the day.Write the reason for your goals next to the target as this would help you remember why you set the goal in the first place and avoid you wavering from the target.


Action plan: An action plan, focus, and dedication are especially crucial if your goal is big, demanding, or long-term. One often forgets an action plan while setting goals. You attach yourself too much to the outcome that you overlook, developing a plan for your success.


Break down your every goal into small achievable steps as per the priority.Crossing off the goals after completion gives a sense of satisfaction and motivates you to focus on the next target.


I’ve achieved several goals in my life with these simple yet useful tips, and I hope you also attain your goals seamlessly.

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