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I’m Tarak Doddala

The firm believer of nature’s bounty, and always says that one should go slowly but steadily, and the way, they can achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

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I dearly emphasize the significance of staying fit and was a firm believer in maintaining a regular fitness routine and adhering to it with dedication. When it comes to work-life balance, I stress that if one is mentally and physically fit and takes good care of themselves, work becomes delightful, and one starts taking pleasure in what they are doing. For me, it’s not about work-life balance; instead, it’s about having balance within oneself. I like to work with like-minded groups of individuals, who are on a voyage to bring in greenery solutions to whoever seeks it and simultaneously educate others on the benefits of ecosystem balance, recycling, and other environmentally friendly factors.


  • Chief Business Officer
  • Founder
  • Co-Founder
  • Director – Business Strategies and Development
  • Biker, Runner & Solo Cyclist….,


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