Are We Responsible..?

A citizen of a country is recognized as one of the dominant pillars of the nation. They are allowed to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by the state to the people. Also, they need to abide by the laws and attain their duties as called upon.

The question that arises,

“Are you a responsible parent? Are you giving our country a responsible citizen?”

Every citizen, including parents, has a responsibility to make their community a decent place to inhabit. When you are a responsible citizen, you know your responsibilities and take necessary actions whenever required.

Being a parent of a young kid, you may encounter several issues where you need to take necessary actions. These actions will lead you to be a responsible citizen and train your young child to remain accountable.

What are the burning issues faced by Youth today?

Excessive usage of social media

Firstly, you need to walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology. Being a parent, you need to know how social media works.

Secondly, you are not setting a good example for our young children if you use social media excessively.

Lastly, being a parent, you must ensure that your child is not deprived of knowing/learning new technology. But, you need to ensure that its excessive exposure is also problematic. Hence, drive your child in the right direction whenever required.

Consumption of drugs

We have been lately listening to enormous news regarding drugs usage. One of the possible reasons why your kids are entering into drug consumption is their social circle. No doubt your kids require friends in their lives, but you need to ensure that their friends come from a decent family background with no such addictions.

Whenever we ask any young kid why they started smoking or drinking, most of the time, it is family distancing. Being a parent, it is your moral responsibility to spend some time with your young kid. This support will boost their positive thoughts, and they will never end up smoking or drinking in their lives.

These are the top 3 burning issues youngsters face, and their parents must create a plan to help their children.

Final Thoughts

If you being a parent, face the same issues, you are not setting an excellent example for your child. As rightly said by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Additionally, your child must never be deprived of motivation to come out strongly and face these burning issues. On top of it, if they are out of these issues, you can teach them how to become good citizens of the country.

And yes, you can then call yourself a responsible citizen of our country.

Tarak Doddala

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