Are We Responsible..?

A citizen of a country is recognized as one of the dominant pillars of the nation. They are allowed to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by the state to the people. Also, they need to abide by the laws and attain their duties as called upon.

The question that arises,

“Are you a responsible parent? Are you giving our country a responsible citizen?”

Every citizen, including parents, has a responsibility to make their community a decent place to inhabit. When you are a responsible citizen, you know your responsibilities and take necessary actions whenever required.

Being a parent of a young kid, you may encounter several issues where you need to take necessary actions. These actions will lead you to be a responsible citizen and train your young child to remain accountable.

What are the burning issues faced by Youth today?

Excessive usage of social media

Firstly, you need to walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology. Being a parent, you need to know how social media works.

Secondly, you are not setting a good example for our young children if you use social media excessively.

Lastly, being a parent, you must ensure that your child is not deprived of knowing/learning new technology. But, you need to ensure that its excessive exposure is also problematic. Hence, drive your child in the right direction whenever required.

Consumption of drugs

We have been lately listening to enormous news regarding drugs usage. One of the possible reasons why your kids are entering into drug consumption is their social circle. No doubt your kids require friends in their lives, but you need to ensure that their friends come from a decent family background with no such addictions.

Whenever we ask any young kid why they started smoking or drinking, most of the time, it is family distancing. Being a parent, it is your moral responsibility to spend some time with your young kid. This support will boost their positive thoughts, and they will never end up smoking or drinking in their lives.

These are the top 3 burning issues youngsters face, and their parents must create a plan to help their children.

Final Thoughts

If you being a parent, face the same issues, you are not setting an excellent example for your child. As rightly said by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Additionally, your child must never be deprived of motivation to come out strongly and face these burning issues. On top of it, if they are out of these issues, you can teach them how to become good citizens of the country.

And yes, you can then call yourself a responsible citizen of our country.

Tarak Doddala

Step-up Your Health Goals – Practicing 30 Mins Active for 21 Days will Bring a Lot of Benefits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
~ Will Durant

Changing any set pattern of daily lifestyle is challenging. But that can be achieved with goal setting, planning, following that plan regularly, and monitoring and recording the progress. Motivation erodes if the brain does not receive frequent doses of boosting in the form of tangible outcomes. That is why recording and acknowledging, if not celebrating, even small milestones & successes is necessary.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle with proper sleep, exercise, and nutritious eating habits is one of the most challenging goals to achieve. The senses of smell, sight, and taste betray us, and our laziness takes over our better judgment. Becoming more physically active needs operational planning, practice, and follow-through.

It is said that if you can continue the practice for at least three weeks, or twenty-one days, it starts becoming your “muscle memory,” or better known as a habit. Once you have the habit of waking up early and running, walking, or practicing Yoga for 30 minutes daily, it is not easy to change that routine either.

Good and healthy habits, just like the bad and unhealthy ones, are addictive because the body and mind always find their comfort zone in doing something repeatedly. The real challenge is in breaking the current cycle of unhealthy habits and adopting a new healthy routine.

Goal Setting

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, and Time-bound. The following seven-step process will help you in goal setting:

  1. Identify a goal.
  2. Learn how to achieve it
  3. Divide the goal into small and specific mini-objective
  4. Prepare a monitoring chart with the current state
  5. Monitor and record your progress regularly
  6. Adapt to changing environment
  7. Enjoy the process – do not punish yourself

In the end, when you achieve your mini-goals, allow for a small celebration, and when you accomplish a bigger goal, give yourself credit, and celebrate.

Final Words

Being active and achieving a higher state of a healthy body is necessary to ward off lifestyle diseases, boost your immunity, and stay fit. A healthy body is also the vessel for a healthy mind, a healthy mindset, and a cheerful person.

People are more attracted to healthy and fit people. These individuals also tend to command more authority and usually have a great sense of humor. They motivate themselves and their family, friends, and co-workers to set small health goals and achieve them with the 30-minute for 21-day practice rule.

Start Working for Healthy and Active Body As You Grow, Stop Counting your Age

At the age of 40 or 50, having a young mind is excellent, but your body may not be in the best shape. Aging makes it harder to stay fit, lose weight, be active, and remain in good condition.

Aging is gradual, and therefore the changes are challenging to identify. They all seem to catch up when you meet a friend after many years and find that they look just the same as in college days, and you have added too many inches and pounds.

Effects of aging

In people, who have undergone treatment for severe illnesses, aging can show earlier. People, who avoided significant health issues, a sagging belly, increased breathlessness, and a general feeling of tiredness are slow and gradual, but eventually, they add up.

Aging can bring the following adverse changes:

  1. Weak metabolism, reduced flexibility of joints, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.
  2. Muscle loss after thirty resulting in weakness, loss of motor control, and fractures.
  3. Breathlessness, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and brain strokes.
  4. A decline in libido and vigor.
  5. Weaker nervous system, slower reflexes, poor hand-eye coordination, and memory lapses.

Guard yourself against aging

With daily activity, you can age with grace. Having an active body, good health, and a sound mind will help you lead an excellent quality of life.

  1. Sports and endurance training can significantly improve your metabolism, muscle strength, mood, and hormonal secretion. It can control your blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and weight issues.
  2. Healthy food with less fat and bad-cholesterol, and more fiber, proteins, and good-cholesterols, can help manage weight, increase muscle mass, relieve the heart’s burden, and assistfor digestion.
  3. Stress management can help in the secretion of happy hormones, better functioning of the heart, and a stress-free mind.

Benefits of an active body:

  • Helps you quit tobacco and smoking
  • Energize you for the day
  • Easily manage stress
  • Better social life
  • Release of healthy hormones and a cheerful outlook
  • Better and sound sleep
  • enhances self-confidence

Final Words

The clock will tick no matter what we think or believe, and with each walk or Yoga session, you can make the coming years more active and livelier. A healthy family member is an asset for the family, as people with illness tend to increase their psychological, physical, and financial burdens. If you want to avoid lengthy and frequent visits to a hospital’s emergency room and inflate medical bills, it is also financially prudent to keep fit.

Giving Physical and Mental Health Habits to next generation

Every parent gives their best to their children. They teach them good values and emphasize healthy habits to help them be a better individual. Needless to mention that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. I also personally feel that mental health is equally essential for the overall development of the child. So, how do we let our kids teach both physical and psychological health habits? Here are a few tips to help you out:


Firstly, we should teach a child about body language and the impact of it. Let your kid know that the right communication is always the key to growth. Emphasize dealing with stress and having a positive mindset. Try spending some time every day listening to your child and building a strong relationship with them. Please encourage your child to understand their emotions and be expressive whenever it is required.


Parents and teachers play a crucial role in shaping the outlook of a child. As parents, we must be cautious with our do’s and don’ts in front of our kids. Being presentable, responsible, and empathetic towards our family members, neighbors, and staff members will teach our kids to be accountable and sensible towards everyone. It also helps them figure out the daily circumstances and odds that the child can face during their life journey. The learnings should be such that the children should adopt them daily, ensuring happiness and contentment.


We should also learn how to promote a child’s mental and physical well-being by guiding the children about their behavior, skills, and healthy habits that should be followed regularly. Good Mental Health ensures the setting of realistic goals for a particular age and potential.


We should involve our children in developing principles and rules and guide them to have a clear command in maintaining the balance between the body and the mind. Since our body needs relaxation after a regular period, we should give our body time, find ways to get proper sleeping time, healthy eating habits, playing outdoors, and so on.


The child should also know the significance of physical activities and extracurricular practices, which is essential to maintain physical health. As the child grows, many hormonal changes directly connect with the mind’s growth and development. Also, concerning hormones, the child feels mutations and fluctuations while dealing with daily chores and activities.


Therefore, maintaining a proper balance between physical and mental health rejuvenate the mind and body. So, keep up the excellent spirit and culminate the best practices of psychological and physical health in the next generation, giving them the liberty to choose the right method for themselves.

Health Vs Wealth or Health is wealth

For years, people have considered wealth over health. However, in my experience, health and wealth go hand-in-hand.Though sometimes it may look like without wealth, we can’t achieve anything in life; one must remember that only when we have excellent health can we make as much wealth as we’d like to.

Health is the cornerstone that you use to expand on some other significant capital.  You can’t build prosperity without fitness. And I don’t just talk about money. One should pay more attention to the wealth of life – experiences and cater to one’s spiritual and emotional health.

When we focus entirely on health, we focus less on the negative aspects of life. The more time you spend on living, the less time you have to concentrate on succeeding. Not that the desire to succeed is undermining, but we live our lives to the fullest when we live each day as it comes.

Health is essential to understand and enjoy all other vital aspects of life. In reality, in most countries — specially developed countries — health is valued on par with material belongings. That’s because without well-being, not only are people, households, and societies unlikely to thrive, but evidence suggests that they can reverse on the scale of prosperity.

Money can buy a lot of stuff in life, but it can’t buy fitness. Money may be necessary to purchase treatments, but the enjoyment of life — the opportunity to feel pleasure and share it with others — is not for sale at any expense. Your well-being is not the condition of your body; it is about the state of your body, mind, and spirit as an interconnected whole. And what you do with this seamless whole that you call You specifically influences your wealth experience.

Nowadays, there is a rapid rise in competition in the economy when the world is continually changing. People are trying to maintain their jobs and fix their problems with bread and butter, ignoring how vital their well-being is in a competitive setting. Overwork can lead to health issues such as fatigue, elevated risk of hypertension, and other health problems. With the nation pouring resources into science, a solution remains undiscovered.

It points out that the road to a life of prosperity is the same as the road to an integrated well-being life. Eat right, have a realistic perspective on life, cultivate your mind and spirit, enjoy all you have, smile always, and be kind.

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