Are We Responsible..?

A citizen of a country is recognized as one of the dominant pillars of the nation. They are allowed to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by the state to the people. Also, they need to abide by the laws and attain their duties as called upon.

The question that arises,

“Are you a responsible parent? Are you giving our country a responsible citizen?”

Every citizen, including parents, has a responsibility to make their community a decent place to inhabit. When you are a responsible citizen, you know your responsibilities and take necessary actions whenever required.

Being a parent of a young kid, you may encounter several issues where you need to take necessary actions. These actions will lead you to be a responsible citizen and train your young child to remain accountable.

What are the burning issues faced by Youth today?

Excessive usage of social media

Firstly, you need to walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology. Being a parent, you need to know how social media works.

Secondly, you are not setting a good example for our young children if you use social media excessively.

Lastly, being a parent, you must ensure that your child is not deprived of knowing/learning new technology. But, you need to ensure that its excessive exposure is also problematic. Hence, drive your child in the right direction whenever required.

Consumption of drugs

We have been lately listening to enormous news regarding drugs usage. One of the possible reasons why your kids are entering into drug consumption is their social circle. No doubt your kids require friends in their lives, but you need to ensure that their friends come from a decent family background with no such addictions.

Whenever we ask any young kid why they started smoking or drinking, most of the time, it is family distancing. Being a parent, it is your moral responsibility to spend some time with your young kid. This support will boost their positive thoughts, and they will never end up smoking or drinking in their lives.

These are the top 3 burning issues youngsters face, and their parents must create a plan to help their children.

Final Thoughts

If you being a parent, face the same issues, you are not setting an excellent example for your child. As rightly said by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Additionally, your child must never be deprived of motivation to come out strongly and face these burning issues. On top of it, if they are out of these issues, you can teach them how to become good citizens of the country.

And yes, you can then call yourself a responsible citizen of our country.

Tarak Doddala

Farming a divine thing. Save Food..! Support Farmers..!

Do you still remember our school prayers? Have you ever thought about why we were taught this as a child?

The human tendency of asking for more and more throughout life is primordial. But did you ever ponder over the bare necessity without which we cannot survive? Well, it’s our meal that keeps us going in all circumstances. We struggle and make efforts to win our daily bread and satiate our appetite.

Long ago, I realized our quintessential necessity and inculcated immense respect for harvest and cultivation. I feel rejoiced in spending days in my native place and feeling the pious aroma of the fertile soil. The serene greenery is forever close to my soul, and I feel an irresistible urge to spend the rest of my life cultivating crops and contributing to feeding the masses as a responsibility.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness among people regarding harvest and the need to save food upsets me to the core. Watching people dumping meals and disrespecting the grains is something that our culture didn’t teach us. Coming from a farming background and nature admirer, I feel the calling to spread awareness regarding the importance of crops and save food for thousands of hungry and helpless souls in our nation.

Our nation is a green economy and relies on agriculture and farming. Here is a glimpse of how cultivation looks like for us.

Cultivation – What’s the Need?
Cultivation is an essential component of our national economy. But why do we need to cultivate? Or, more precisely, why agriculture holds a center stage in our lives? Here are the primary reasons making cultivation an essential part of our context.

Mode of Substantial Income
Agriculture is one of the most prominent modes of income for many people. They grow crops as a source of livelihood and win their daily bread through the margins obtained. Indeed, cultivation is an asset to the economically weaker and stronger farmers.

Source of Meal and Fodder
Cultivation determines the fate of citizens in a country. Besides feeding humans, it generates enough fodder to satiate the hunger of animals.

Contribution to Economy
Apart from feeding the living beings in a nation, cultivation and agriculture contribute to the economy. The agriculture-driven countries generate huge margins to propel the GDP to skyrocketing heights.

What is the Need to Save Food?
We always listen to everyone pleading to save food and avoid wasting it, don’t we? But why should we save food? What’s the importance of respecting our meals?

Here are some of the must-know reasons:

People Sleep with Empty Stomachs
Indeed, you are blessed to have surplus meals to satiate the hunger of your family. Let’s face it that numerous souls do not get enough food for days. The inflated food prices due to immense waste of food limit them from purchasing meals. So, we need to stop wasting food and save it for numerous helpless and hungry beings.

Environment and Climate Variations
The food we waste generates carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases, depleting the non-consumed food sources in the environment. Yet another reason to save food is saving the climate from destruction.

Value of Harvest – What is It?
Saving food and cultivating crops are essential for all of us. Thanks to farmers who grow crops and produce harvest to generate revenues and feed the nation. However, a farmer does not gain 100% returns on their investment. After removing the damaged crops, the leftover harvest determines the final income earned by a farmer. This is called the value of harvest, an essential factor in agriculture.

What are the Marketing Difficulties of Farm Produce?
Marketing crops is the leading problem that farmers face after making huge investments. So, what are the difficulties faced by farmers when marketing their produce? Here are the most common issues.

Farmers Do Not Fix Price
Although farmers produce crops, they do not determine their price. Unfortunately, such a factor might not bring justice to the farmers every time. So, this can be one of the top factors affecting product marketing.

Immense Competition in the Market
The market has numerous farmers, big and small. Consequently, the business competition is higher, and farmers might get swayed by inflation at times. So, yet another factor that hinders favorable marketing outcomes is the cut-throat competition in the agricultural industry.

Agriculture and harvesting lie at our foundation. We cannot overlook the impacts they cause and require propelling the nation for agricultural comfort.

Respect Farmers..!

-Tarak Doddala

Why Need of Global Presence – For Better Sustainability

Climate change is a real and present danger and is not some distant, utopian nightmare. The coastal communities are already feeling the burnt with more cyclones, submerging shores, and reduced aquatic life around coasts. Climate change will continue to adversely affect our planet, our lives, and our livelihoods in more direct than indirect ways.

Scientists claim that human activities have contributed to global temperature rise after the Industrial Revolution, depletion in forest cover, and species extinction to an unprecedented scale.

Sustainability in business needs running the business processes with minimal to no impact on the environment. Green business operations support and maintain the local ecology, reduce their global environmental impact, and keep the community’s best long-term interests, ecology, and the planet at their core.

Sustainability in Business

Sustainability in everyday business operations is a vital concern for many. Many consumer groups demand that products clearly label their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

For investors, sustainable businesses are a lucrative investment opportunity, while for promoters and managements, it means more sales, reduction in costs, tax savings, and enhanced brand.

Sustainability is not only about 3 Rs (Reduce, reuse, recycle) by the consumer; it also needs active intervention from governments and managers to adopt green best-practices in mining, production, service, storage, and transportation.

Running an environmentally friendly business has more than profits as its mission— consideration for the environment, ecosystem, and health of the surrounding people. Impact green-practices is increased profitability for companies, a healthy society, and restoring the environmental balance. By John Elkington, Triple Bottom Line suggests the planet, people, and profits are all important.

Startling Climate Impact Statistics

● The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of plastic garbage twice the size of Texas, is floating in the Pacific Ocean and harming its marine life and people consuming the microplastics found in seafood.

● If left alone, the total annual concrete waste production will touch 27 billion tons by 2050.

● Greenhouse gases and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) are reasons for a temperature increase ofover 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2020, causing rising sea levels and extreme variations in weather patterns.

● Greenhouse gases, particulate matter, contamination of soil and groundwater are directly causing more than 450,000 deaths worldwide, and millions are falling sick because of them.

● Only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of all global emissions, and among them, only 20 are responsible for over 30% of emissions.

● Over three-fourths of consumers have stopped purchasing anything from companies that do not care about the planet.

Final Word

The time to act is now. A concerted effort from management, employees, suppliers, customers, society, and governments is needed for developing sustainable business practices.

Everyone must cut down industrial and auto emissions, safely reuse or recycle industrial waste, increase forest covers, dispose of unusable waste safely, and contribute towards a breathing and living planet.

We are not too late, and the Paris Climate Accord can help businesses reduce their emission by up to 60% by 2030. Companies stand to benefit directly in cost savings, increased revenues, and more significant market share by adopting green policies, technologies, and processes. It is estimated that green business operations can cause $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030.

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